Deutschlive im Jahre 69: Around town

The Reichstag after its insult of being burned and closed by Hitler, then being bombed to smithereens by the Allies.

Today I started my day, by taking my letter of entry, my passport and heading to Brandenburg Tor for my visit to the dome of the renamed, Deutscher Bundestag. I waited around awhile, shooing away more than once those girls with the clipboards who some say are pickpockets.

DSC_0646The worst part for Berlin, was that the East Germans blew up the last of the dome, then cut them off from it, for about 30+ years. After Reunification, Berlin became the capital again and the now Bundestag was back to the glory of its Weimar days. The days when Jews were considered citizens, but Roma, not so, hm?


Anyway, when the Germans needed to reinvent the dome, they got Sir Norman Foster, who understood engineering, had a sense of architectural flair, and a great sense of humor. So they gave the project to an Englishman and he came up with one of the greatest amusement parks this century! I have never seen so many adults have fun in their lives. They should have been this jolly at the Pergamon yesterday!!!



DSC_0061It is a wonderful thing to see people reacting to the spaces imbetween.

I had a wonderful time, and this has to be the nicest staff you are ever going to meet in your life. Polite, smart, courteous and efficient. I wish I could move the whole bunch to the airports throughout the world, preferably many US cities.

DSC_0168The only complaint about the Bauhaus-Archiv was that it was a no show to photography inside.

So much of what was inside reminded me of the Foundation year at Pratt, where Color Aid paper flowed like blood. The work with Kandinsky and many other works, I would carry back to class to my kids, who really love doing stuff like that and think it is still important. Still, it is wonderful to see a structure by Gropius realized.

There were several weavings, I would have loved to shoot. And of course the beautiful architectural models. We wished there had been a whole lot more. The place was full, and I mean voll, of young people. German, quite a few French, Dutch, young Japanese. I did not see any younger Americans though. Anyway, there is still one intact structure in Germany, do I hear Dessau in my future?

marlene at potsdamerLater I followed the ghost of Marlene at Potsdamer Platz U bahn stop. . .

We forget she did the first German talkie for UFA, Der Blaue Engel, which is why she would be on the Museum logo. Much less would Joe Stalin have a fit that she should grace Prenzlauer Berg from her Paramount, Morocco days.

konnopke 1And came across to Eberwaldestrasse to Schönhauser Allee to land with her at Konnopke’s Imbiss. . .

DSC_0187Inventor of the famous Currywurst mit darm with a dopple of creamy mayo on fries.





I finally found Alexanderplatz. I always think of Fassbinder. Everyone else always thinks of the Communists. I had read about Nikolaiviertel, probably from Rick Steves, so I followed its towers and found this delightful little tourist trap. Sort of like a Disney thing, with some prefab thrown in. But the church (below, right) in its glory is quite something to see.


nickolaiviertel composite


And then the red town hall. . .rr


DSC_0293While looking for Marx and Engels, whom I never found I also got to see the exterior of the beautiful Rotes Rathaus.



DSC_0399Alexanderplatz was having a streetfair and things were hoping all over the place. It was a fun summer evening from the looks of things.

the needleNow you didn’t think I was going to end this without giving my own spin on the Fernsehturm?



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