Deutschlive im Jahre 69: Museumed out!

Potsdamer Platz at the end of the war, was burned out buildings here, and little sign of street life.

Well, first things first. If you go to the Deutsches Bundestag and put in to visit, you are going to be pleased as zum-zum they shoot you back an email with time and place. I tried the same for the Museuminsel (Museum Island) folks in Berlin–didn’t happen! So when I went to buy my 25 dollar/3 day/50 museum pass, I spoke to the lady about it and she somewhat agreed, forget that. Too bad, a great idea to prebook you. Since lines run around block for the Pergamon. Was happy got into 3 today.

Alte NationaL galerie



The Alte National-galerie is a beautiful setting.

There is a large collection of Menzel’s work, some of it quite surprising. There are two rooms of Impressionists, and a smattering of Courbet, and some surprises like thDer e Delacroix, a Goya and several Corots. I don’t know what is earthshaking, but any time you can see a master’s work, you should, no matter where. Sometimes I believe some of these critics don’t know where, cause they only know local or out of a book!!!

Renoir In Summer


Edouard Manet In Wintergarten

Auguste Renoir’s In Summer (top) and Edouard Manet’s In Wintergarten (bottom).

The Neues, I was able to walk right into. The star of the show is Nefertiti, of course, but no photos. They do have a bronze copy with a braille legend that you can touch. That policy is fine, because it really is a wonderful piece. There is the golden hat, but what loved more was that they had managed to save the building, which had suffered horribly after the bombings. The destruction gave it an air of patina, much like the classical pieces it housed. The new materials, mostly stone, gave it an elegance. The roof showed its large beams, and the walls in the halls and some of the rooms showed the original brickwork. It made one of my favorite museums, the Kunsthistoriches, look like a candy box in comparison.

neues fresco fragments


neues interior


neues interior 2

The interiors of the Neues are terrific in their own right.

There is a ton to write about this museum, but for now time.

bode schluterThe Andreas Schülter show at the Bode-Museum shows again, war is unproductive, and letting East Germans loose with dynamite can cost big bucks later. There is much to write about this show, which I thought was just going to be some godawful baroque sculpture.

hands up for the bodeA big thumbs up for the lovely Treasures of Faith.

More photos to come eventually, boy did I shoot some crappy ones today!


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