Viva VA’14: Return to Williamsburg

DSC_0284xWhen the boy (and girls) line up, it signals their parade through town and the ensuing gunfire.

In 2003, with my manual SLR camera, I paid a visit to Williamsburg as Janene and I traveled from Valparaiso to Florida. Like this day, we walked through an area, after parking on the street and walked it, no fanfare or ticket. We spent several hours there in one section. There is more than in these photos, this is just a taste.

DSC_0011xHe was excellent as a representative carriage master.

This young man looked very authentic, spoke with a stronger Southern accent, which may have been out of character for that time. But listening to him I could see he loved what he did as a carriage master. He was explaining the difference of the modern day chances to the authentic looking copy.

DSC_0935Bruton Parish Church interior.

The Bruton Parish Church is the first Anglican church in the US. Among those who were parishoners  were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, George Wythe and Patrick Henry.

DSC_0974zJust little vignettes like this give a glimpse from the past, providing you don’t see the road with the cars!

DSC_0996xThe guys with the horses seemed to really like their charges, quite humane.




DSC_0048zKind  of a Menonitte Down at the Pier.



composite building man


composite building woman




composite 2 buildings

To think that a Frenchman stationed here, would go around and survey this town and leave a record of what it actually looked like. The purpose was to station troops during the Revolution, when the French really were our friends in getting rid of the motherland! Remember historic Williamsburg is site specific. Plimouth Plantation is actually on another site, somewhat similar, because the actual town grew and evolved into something else. There is the outer part which is the actual town the people of today live in, although I noticed cars and one bike rider within the historic area itself.

frenchman's mapThe Frenchman’s map was reproduced from a Wikipedia copy.

DSC_0357xIt was very exciting when these kids began to march and play bringing you to a meeting point with a recreation of revolutionary times.


DSC_0675Everyone is so earnest, I loved the older man.

compositeI particularly loved General Lafayette, with sword, through the PA.

DSC_0708xWhen I saw them in their red gear, I realized how the British got their behinds shot off in the Revolution!

I am not one necessarily for Americana, but these recreations do give you a sense of another day. Unfortunately, you also get the sense of history that slavery, emancipation and women’s rights were not exactly at a high water mark in these days. That would take other places and battlegrounds for that to be fought out. Thanks, Mary.

double girlsDoesn’t the girl in the pink dress (except for the pattern) look like she stepped out of a Copley?


DSC_0113xA splendid time is guaranteed for all.









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