Palacio Cerámica: Razones sentimentales

pc DSC_0232 How absolutely cool. A museum in Spain dedicated to ceramic. In Valencia, the home of Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and Gulliver, here you are at this fancy villa which doubles as a museum. The likes of which rivals the official suites in the Albertina in Vienna. The National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts  González Martí (who was the collector), it is housed in Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas.

pc facade and plate

4 rooms DSC_0599x


The best tile work, has to be at the Plaza de España in Sevilla, but this little gem will do for an afternoon visit. Right in downtown near the cathedral, this is a class act start to finish. It has a prescribed path that the staff see that you follow, but it is all worth it.

pc DSC_0235

in permanent danger1

in permanent danger The work of Xavier Monsalvatje, who graduated from the specialty of artistic ceramics in the School of Applied Arts in Valencia in 1988 and has gone on to international recognition, was on display as a special exhibit En Peligro Permanente (In permanent danger) (above). paintingsUnlabeled paintings room

pc ceiling

pc stairwayStairway and detail

pc more

pc 14 cent potsGreat freedom of handling and color of 14th century pottery.

pc islamic type dishesThe beauty of these reminds you of the Islamic roots Spain has, the dish on the left is reminiscent of the tilework seen in the Harem in the Topkapi Palace. Of course, it all generated from Chinese porcelain.

pc duo

pc tapestrySeventeenth century Flemish tapestry and sixteenth century carved wooden chest.

pc tilteworkEighteenth century tilework

Doesn’t the couple to the left of the left tilework, remind you of those etching by Goya? The little tile of Santiago (St. James) is reminescent of the style which will be carried to the Americas and seen in those retablos one sees in churches, but especially the Palace of Governors, in Santa Fe.

pc bowl with birdSeventeenth century bowl

Y por lo tanto, nuestros políticos hermanos–and so, our political brothers– we may not care much for the class system, especially when not in our favor, but there is something about this bourgeoiserie which makes us no less sentimental.



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