2008/14 Barcelona–Vicky Cristina Barcelona, not!

woody restaurant2014: I guess he might have used this restaurant for the scene with Vicky

Despite Blanchette doing Vivien Leigh, Blue Jasmine is a somewhat serious, but wickedly boring film. But then Vicky Cristina Barcelona might be seen as a hommage to Truffaut’s Jules et Jim. Never has Allen been more neglectful of locale. So,  I feel this writing reflects the likes of Godard reviewing Marcel Camus for Orfeu Negro.**

Having come back from Barcelona, for a few days, I was greatly disappointed, that except for some coast and a little Sagrada Familia, you could have shot the thing in Florida and no one would know the difference. Oh yeah, I forgot the one scene at Park Guell and the one shot of the roof on Casa Mila. Woody could have inserted some of my shots. There seemed a lack of locale to the whole thing. Barcelona is a wonderful city, largish and varied. I compare and introduce shots both from my 2008 and 2014. This is my introduction to a series of posts on Spain.

We’ll change the story a little. Instead of Juan Antonio taking them out to the country from Barcelona, the girls meet him in say, ho hum, Madrid. He then proceeds to take them to Barcelona.

bedroom2008: Suppose Juan Antonio took them to a hotel more like this?

20082008: How about the girls taking a walk and talking at this locale?

a more interesting apt than a villa2008: Instead of Juan Antonio’s dad living in a countryside house, he might have had an interesting apartment along the Passeig de Gràcia.

looking out a window2008: Suppose we caught a glimpse of Cristina looking out this window?

Sagrade Famila statue2014: How about Cristina shooting sculpture by Josep Maria Subirachs i Sitjar at Sagrade Famila, then recreating the forms when shooting  Juan Antonio and Naria Elena.

muses at Palau de la Música Catalana2014: Imagine Vicky and Cristina getting their photos taken by Bardem in front of the stage muses at Palau de la Música Catalana (above).

Another thing is having both Spaniards, maybe speaking Catalona, which would have left the ditzy Cristina who might have spoken perfect Castillian a little out there. But we would have none of that in this film. Couldn’t the whole thing been shot on Long Island, maybe instead of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, they might have used a nice Jamaican couple. Scarlett Johansson fits in everywhere.

Fundació Antoni Tàpies maria elena2008: What about if Maria Elena threatened to jump off Fundació Antoni Tàpies?

2 sculptures2008: Local sculpture

marilyn2014: Maybe Marilyn could have blown Juan Antonio a kiss?


**In my young days, I used to read the likes of Stein, Proust, Marquez, etc. like I really knew what they meant, instead of being just a horse’s ass. Godard was my favorite, anything French would do. I holed up in places like the Elgin, Thalia and Orpheum. Now I’m an old man with a pretentious blog! But Godard had a point, exploit a locale to the fullest.

The Good Wife is supposed to be in Chicago, and her large apartment fools you, but the exterior shots look like Long Island City and the Lockhart Gardner offices midtown Manhattan. What a waste, since Chicago houses some real architectural gems, and wouldn’t it have been nice to have shot something in the Art Institute or over at the University of Chicago. What about involving a client and shooting interiors of Hull House? Or the barrio in Pilsen. For Parenthood, Ron Howard shot St. Louis in Orlando, geez, no comparison!


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