Pequeña casa de la pradera: SpainLive

DSC_0999That orange, or should I say that rather large zipper skin tangerine, probably came from Valencia (Province) , I have seen so much growing on the roads in between mountains that look like something out of New Mexico I can see how they wound up there, just how I can image how those from Sevilla could wind up in areas like Florida and California. We do not give enough credence to anything other than our English roots. Spain, had a large impact upon us, in subtle ways, but we often forget, and I do not  mean just its occupation of Mexico.

It is funny to be at the other end. After visiting Peru and their opinions of occupation, and then the sheer relishing of wonder at Columbus here in Spain. A stature in the middle of Granada shows Isabella enthroned Columbus standing in front of here. Granada is the city where Ferdinand and Isabella are entombed. So much for now.

Spending a little time in a cave home, reminds me of the Gypsies the night before. Our host, an affable young man and his wife opening up their home/museum to us.  The rooms spacious and cozy, the views from terraces from terraces magnificent. The government is selling these dwelling to those interested in living in them. As this one is a museum, I will give it a full blog at a later date.



Kind of like a Serra sculpture, Santiago Calatrava’s Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències will make you feel like a kid again.


DSC_0037The tulip and the bridge were not here in 2008, when I was first there.

xDSC_0116Subtle color and light interact inside Science Center.




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