Barcelona y finito: SpainLive

DSC_0037Josep Maria Subriachs’ sculpture work well with the back (?) elevation.

I can tell you one thing, don’t go late to see Sagrada Familia, they shut off the lights. Someone said to me 12 was too late to go, but the lights were cut, and I don’t remember that in 2008. While I believe Gaudi is the most original architect, and possibly the greatest, this building goes beyond, because it really is no longer Gaudi, but legend. Someone on the tour said they went by Gaudi’s drawings. Someone else said there were no drawings only a model, which Franco’s people had destroyed and left for dead. Like Macintosh, legend out to be left for the looking and not concocted.

xDSC_0619Keith Haring might have been happy his design was in an area with an abundance of young skateboarders.



Two days sadly, even under great conditions could not possibly give you even a taste. This is the Venice of Spain. There is nothing quite like it. The people drip in style what New Yorkers could gawk on!Except maybe graffiti, which is dismal all over the Spain I saw.


While leaving Gaudi behind, a little bit, I did have the good fortune of seeing the Palau de la Musica Catalan, a real treat. Beautiful light design and loaded with color. So much use of glass and tile as building materials, also using common brick and all of this over steel.






In the final evening, we had to get off the bus and walk to dinner, traffic had been backed up as what seemed like hundreds of cops called out, some in riot gear, because of kids protesting. Even damaging a bank storefront.

By the way, if you get bored, you can always take a day trip to Montserrat.


















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