Los cuentos de la Alhambra: SpainLive

DSC_0471The Court of Lions has the new Lions installed, last time I was here several were missing and no fountain on.

Switching from Sevilla, modern city, fourth largest in Spain and going backwards to another period while visiting La Alhambra is not an easy trick. Even though Sevilla has Santa Cruz, La Macarena, etc. intrusions like a brand new subway and the downtown area with El Corte Ingles, still have a  modernity.


Coming into Granada was a shock after 6 years. So much new building had taken place, as if part of the gigantic boom that went on in the last decade. Seville looked tired on the outskirts, it had a different feel than the place I had formerly visited. Granada I pictured as old and worn. We had stayed at the once grnader Carmen hotel. Hotels ;have a way of dating. But our new hotel was also old. One thing about Spain you can never complain of. It is clean, and the food is always good. I know I say that about all of Europe (except England), which I haven’t visited in a dozen years.


wash irving

To walk where the Sultan once held residence is still a pleasure and from what I heard, still a moneymaker. But I would rather be there than Disney, for a whole lot less money.The beauty of the place is astounding, and the craft phenomenal. You have to hand it to the Spanish they have retained that style that makes them so innovative in architectural style, and how they can mix and match.

gypsTheir origins from Pakistan, the influence of Flamenco, made these dancers fresh and original.

At night watching the Gypsies move their magic in a cave dugout. Combining the movements of Flamenco with dancing and syncopation traveled with them from the old days of India, is a reminder that Catholic conversion made peoples more hospitable to the two monarchs who demanded, one religion, one language, one God.


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