La culpa es de Cristóbal Colón: SpainLive

aurauro2Our guide made us laugh in Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, “Look, ladies, you will see a real miracle: two Spanish men cleaning!”

Sevilla, of course, is the city Cristóbal Colón, or as we know him, Christopher Columbus sailed from, in the heydays of Seville. Columbus, in his own greed for fame, as well as some very educated guesses, blew away the myth that the Catholic Church was trying to keep under raps for years: the world was not flat, and you could not fall off it. Columbus we do blame for inhumanity to indigenous people, as well as Howard Zinn saying he was a lousy boss. angelsThe third largest church in the world is in Sevilla, the fourth largest city in Spain. Something to blow one’s trumpet about! Sevilla is also the site of the Plaza de España, a 1929 exposition promoting Latino countries and comprised of some of the most beautiful faience in the world.

DSC_0846 town wallsThe old city walls exist in parts.

  DSC_0787And a hip young transportation system.

My battery runs low tonight.


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