On the road: Cordoba to Sevilla: SpainLive

bullThis is one of those icons upon the road, which becomes legend. Later for the story.*   xDSC_0186




I am a sucker for lost causes. My heart drops for the Eastern Romans in Constantinople before its fall. I am the same way when I see the lost synagogue in Toledo, as well as the lost mosque in Cordoba. Here we see what must have been magical. Then a Cathedral, then again a mosque more enlightened. Then lost, and with the coming of Isabella and Ferdinand, lost forever. It is true, parts of it, the columns, some come fron Roman ruins, but the beauty of the place both inside and out make you stop and think what must have been and what was lost. Janene and I were discussing the financial crisis in Spain, although apparent, she pointed out, as outsiders we do not seen the signs of distress, that normally follow things like that in the US. See below, as we walked through El Corte Inglés.

el corte ingles composite Communion apparel and 600 euro Flamenco dresses.

_________________________________________________________ *Bulls put up as a Veterano ad in 1956 for Brandy de Jerez. Later to become a national symbol when billboard advertising was outlawed. See more in wikilink below.



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