Lucha de Clases: Madrileños: SpainLive

DSC_0234Overlooking Atoche Station

It should be interesting after revisiting Spain 6 years later that so many things have happened to the poor Spanish. The people who had bravely given up their currency to adopt the Euro, had fallen victim to it. Greece, Ireland and Spain all suffer badly, while they begin to resee the UK, Germany and France, in a very different light. Unemployment soars at 25%, higher only in Greece. On the day I return and wish to visit Reine Sofia, I am told don’t take a bus, the area has demonstrations. These young people are brethren to the Wall Street Crowd. Only in a different vote, they are organized factions and they have public support.


Inside the Museum, I view the Guernica, an old friend I have not seen in over 30 years. It is Spain’s reminder of even worse times. There is no photo, in a Museum which in Spain allows photos. A sad irony, I think Picasso might get.

DSC_0315At night in a group we go to a restaurant where we sample different types of tapas. This while the demonstrators march on through the evening. I hope they have kept their heads. This is the new air in Spain.

DSC_0095Looking over Atoche Station from the Reine Sofia elevators.


One Response to “Lucha de Clases: Madrileños: SpainLive”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    The asparagus tapas looks almost like bloody fingers.

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