Tapadh Leibh, Dùn Èideann: Portrait Gallery

william hole mural center hallwayThe beautiful murals by William Hole give the hall a fairy tale quality.

Unlike the National Portrait Gallery in London, or the Portrait Gallery in DC, this one is tame and somewhat small. But the housing for the collection is quite beautifully done and very welcoming. A small concert was going on, which was quite a pleasant experience to have after two other museums and one monument. Taking into account I arrived that morning in Glasgow, after never sleeping on the plane!


the big hall


more hall2

It is not that these murals are so astounding, but that they add to the quality of the setting that make them so welcome. I smile however amid the Victorian Gothic splendor and the influence of the pre-Raphaelites, the gilded terracotta capitals.

more hall

wall ceiling detailWall and ceiling detail

3 docs live mask 3 docs 3 docs legendKen Currie’s spooky Three Oncologists, and life masks of the doctors.

poets pubAlexander Moffat’s Poets’ Pub

Amid statesman, dance hall performers and television personalities, the good doctors and poets (above). As I sit here at the end of 2013, I begin to hear more this side of the Atlantic, the distant call of a national Scottish presence internationally. Through its capital, parliament and castles, one begins to grasp this importance of identity and self-determination of the Scots.

man ray showA modest gallery show for his work, no photos and xtra charge.

The Man Ray show was pleasant to see the prints in their actual size and framed not in books!








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