Snowdapest: Sudden Beauty

beauty DSC_0220One of the best painters of snow, for me, is Alfred Sisley. Always in the shadow of the more famous peer, Monet, Sisley created these beautiful greyed canvases of snow, something Utrillo borrowed in palette and made a permanent career of! I have never been in Europe in the snow. I had never been to Budapest. Snow was not going to stop me from walking and photographing this wonderful gem of a capital.

sudden steve

sudden c h statue

sudden castle hill by fisherman

sudden castle hill eggs

sudden castle hill outside st matt

sudden ch area

sudden house

sudden Jozsef Bem


Life is filled with sudden beauty. Our lenses seem to capture the things we only have that slight perception is there at all. What luck to capture that moment forever and be able to dwell upon it. Things that happened 30 to 40 years ago to me are as alive as ever. I photograph a student, I hardly know, they become a part of me. Places I pass through, suddenly, are there forever. Here, with sleep, roughly 37 hours.

DSC_0626Janene said she saw what looked like shacks outside the airport area. I know I shied away from Jozsefvaros and the Blaha Lujza tér metro stop due to time. These parts are relatively minor when one looks across the whole of this incredible plein air museum.


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