¡Hola, El Perú!: Machu Picchu, ¡por fin! –hotdamn!

14 2Our wonderfully funny and knowledgeable guide, Guido.


There are 2 posts in one. There are 2 trips in one, the one that took place on the mountain, and the other one that took us to and from that treasure. The first began early in the dark in Cusco. We were bundled as our hotel had no viable heat, and for Floridians coming from the summer, it was an odd change in climate. Matt did not feel well and the bus was dark, like I remember in the Greyhound buses.


They were a lovely couple from Maryland, maybe. I was supposed to send them photos and lost their email address. His happiness, so obvious in this photo was no less obvious on site. She, looks a little nervous, and she confided in me later, she had a thing about heights. But she was wonderful on site.

The train would take us from Aguas Calientes, recently renamed Machu Picchu Pueblo, where we would pick up a bus. It was a wonderful ride, full of postcards of information.

matt after beating the bug and on to machu picchuMatt caught a bug, which he got over by the time we made it here.

another ones journeyThese folks were dropped off from the train, they would be hiking to their destination.

from train and busFrom the train, a look at the land (left). From the bus of 12 turns, going up the mountain to our final destination (right).


Ignorant as I was, I did not realize Machu Picchu, was only a small colony or as some refer to, a pueblo, atop a mountain. The Incas controlled land from Colombia to Chile, with many ruins along the way. Here (above) an example from the train.


Oh no, I thought when I saw Aguas Calientes(above). It actually is a lovely little town area. We went from a bus to a train to a bus of 12 turns like this one (below).


bridge and busThis little bridge took us from the train to the bus area.

machu picchuAnd there you are, like nothing.

Upon leaving, it was like a kid leaving the amusement park: you know the fun part is over, but there is the ride home to remember. The first shots I did from a car was on a car trip to West Virginia, eons ago. I learned a lot. The following were mostly taken through the window on a bus, it shocked me how good some really are! Beautiful Perú, the land supersedes even the worst photographer!

train stopBack to Aguas Calientes.

1The Koch brothers obviously got their paying off farmers to use their locales to advertise their political “idols” from stuff like this.








9Something, huh?

10Reminded me of China.

DSC_0564xReminded me of Uzbekistan or China twenty years ago.

DSC_0501A few minute stop, just for the beauty.





bullsCrucifixes and sometimes clay bulls sat atop local houses on our journey.

You could pass by and actually see people were building additions of brick with their own hands, kind of a catch as catch can.


near ruin


We stopped again at a small town with ruins along a mountaintop where hikers were moving along (one above, right).  Guido said there are many ruins (directly above) left by the peoples who spoke Quechua and whose king was known at the Inca.  It is the Rome of South America, yet we do not explore it as well as we should.  As North Americans, we hardly know it at all.









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