Tapadh Leibh, Dùn Èideann: A Mile of Postcards

DSC_0781One gate to the palace, where the Queen stays when she comes To Edinburgh for royal functions.

What keeps me from running back to Great Britain always is the cost of housing. Compared to other European countries, it has always been more money. No exception to that is Edinburgh. At prices ranging somewhere from $250-300 per night, I figured you could stay in Glasgow and travel about an hour+ and save mucho bucks. For the one night I stayed in a hostel, a student dorm, at a major savings (the reader: of course, twit, everyone knows that!) ! It was only one block or so from the Royal Mile!

palace The Palace of Holyroodhouse at a distance.

Image an ancient castle on one side of the mile and a more contemporary palace on the other end. And people living their normal lives sort of in between. Perhaps, that is what could be said for Great Britain on the whole.

queens gallery

I got up early, so I could see as much as I could before the afternoon train ot Glasgow. I was too early for the gallery to open. I had spent the day before in the Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Museum and the Portrait Gallery. So I was not at a complete loss.

long shot near palace

DSC_0774 x

parliment entranceDirectly across the Gallery sits the Scottish Parliment, which was also too early, but its exterior deserves it’s own post.

near parliment2

DSC_0796xEnuf said.

DSC_0684I loved this architectural conglomeration, Edinburgh taught me to separate some of the Scottish character to understand Mackintosh a little better.

DSC_0742Veteran’s Residence monument.

Cannongate Kirk composite2

DSC_0717Cannongate Kirk plaque, church, Robert Fergusson statue and graveyard.


museum of edinburghI was too early for this one too, but did visit the Museum of Childhood.


the peoples choice








DSC_0841In between monuments and things, are people just moving in their normal lives.

street worlds end

john know high street well head

well near john knoxWould I be forgiven by Rick Steves if I did not mention the John Knox House and the Storyteller Center, near the wellhead?


 high street

 wee house


DSC_0945xFringe was the big event coming, and the whole city seemed to be festive over it. Here a great storefront (above).

St Giles (right) is also worth another blog. A beautiful old cathedral. I went in just to see, and spent about an hour. It does have an excellent, albeit pricey, cafe with nice baked goods. But like all the big boys said, a good place to stop. There was an excellent little coffee shop around the Museum of Childhood, that had great stuff, but I was moving on.

deacon brodieDeacon Brodie, cabinetmaker, craftsman and crook along the Mile.

Deacon Brodie is an interesting story, model Edinburgh citizen by day, crook by night. The sign for this drinking establishment is reknowned. He was hanged on a gallows of his own design! It is said Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is based upon his character.

touristyYou know, of course, it gets touristy.

camera obscuraThe Camera Obscura (domed building, left) is a well-known landmark, recommended by both Rick Steves and Frommers. I looked it over, but thought the cash could go elsewhere for the moment.

weaversThere is something infectious about buildings of stone.

weaversThe stone building (above) had a lot of higher end tourist stuff, but great info on weaving and what the mills were like.


Though Janene and Phil had been to Edinburgh, they did not mention the Royal Mile as a separate entity. It  really is something in itself to see. A mile is a lot of land to cover and several sites, certainly the three museums, the lovely St. Giles and Parliament are all worthy places to take the time and explore. I needed to see with my eyes what constitutes this mile to make it so Royal. I hope the photos give you an idea, if you are planning on visiting this interesting city. castleEdinburgh Castle seen from the Scott Monument xxxxxx


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