Latha math, Glaschu: Riverside Museum

rm signageLeave it to the Scots to have a great sensibility about housing museums.

This is another museum which allows the layman to enjoy seeing things that are a mite different than the regular art museum. Personally boats, subway cars and autos, have a real beauty which we often neglect because it is utilatarian. These become even more intriguing when their context is somewhat lost.

rm reflection of boat

rm boat and buildingThe beautiful vessel on the Cylde is part of the exhibit.

Most of the fun of seeing a city, any city, are the spaces inbetween. Glasgow is no exception, from travelling around its hilly downtown, to the area around the  River Clyde. I loved walking Glasgow. I was on my way to the Mackintosh’ House for an Art Lover, getting off at Cessnock station and planning to walk through Ibrox, I decided to sidestep and go the the Science Center, just to see it, and finally crossing over the Footbridge and walking about 1/2 mile, they said, I was there. The Riverside Museum, the Museum of Transportation, has a neat post-Modern look with a lot of pea green, that the Scots seem to be fond of.

rm pea green

rm baby carriage

rm streetThere is some recreation, but not really Disney, which is refreshing.

rm composite 2

rm streetcarsGlasgow, like all progressive cities had a wonderful tram system which it gave up on. Here are examples of the old cars.

I think one of the biggest losses for cities was the destruction of streetcars. New Orleans is the only city I can think of offhand that retained something of its system, although only one line with a reopening of a second. Lima left one section of one line open for the Electrical Museum.

rm streetcar interiorThese interiors reflect that Victorian way of thinking.

rm station subwayI am enamered with their subway system, many of the old cars here are showcased.

rm vanThis seems to be something you see in a lot of places.

rm skateboards

Educational and just plain funl The kids will love this to see all the old junk, and for research a place you can sit inside history and look out into the post-Modern world. A pretty setting along the water, it was worth the walk.


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