Smart as Chicago: Call a rose by any other name

willis towerSears Tower was a real blow to New York’s ego. New York upon completetion of the Twin Towers felt it had built not only the first, but the second largest skyscapers in the world. Today, both of the later structures are gone and its sole replacement displaced the Sears Tower, the tallest building (at least in the US). Sadly, that which we called the Sears Tower, is a rose by another name. It is the 11th tallest skyscaper in the world today, still a pretty good record. It is now called Willis, as Sears ran off to the suburbs, and did not own the building anyway (sigh).

I was in the World Trade Center a few times in my life, The lobby was very light, as it was all glass and had an open vantage point because it was not nestled into an area, part of it being on the waterfront. Its Chicago counterpart however is nestled in a concentrated area. Both Willis Tower and the John Hancock buidling like to show their weight bearing structures in the lobby, which is nice.

waterfrontIt stands, almost human with its upper tower as a head, saying humbly, “Yeah, even without my crown,  i’m still taller than the rest of you guys.”

The lobby in the World Trade centers were always kind of cold, and you always approached the building from a distance, unless you came up from the subway or the Path. With the Tower, you just stumble in off the street. Its lobby is pleasant with lots of shiny surfaces. Having been in the lobby (far left, below), i went to take shots on the mezzanie level (center). setting the guards to give me the nix sign (far right).

lobbyThe guard was so nice when I spoke to her later, the problem was security cameras or something.

There was a full shopping mall under the World Trade. In the old days, Alexander’s, food places, and bookstores with reduced books!  After 9-11, security in office buildings has changed so much. Here you had to go through a whole deal, as if in an airport, to go through elevators.



DSC_0468I liked the sitting area vignette in the lobby.

kinetic2aMy favorite area was the kinetic scupture in another part of the lobby.

street sculptureThis was pretty funny, too.


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2 Responses to “Smart as Chicago: Call a rose by any other name”

  1. dweebcentric Says:

    Were the jeans part of a storefront display?

    • thinkvisual Says:

      It must have been part of the city wide thing with planters. In this case it was jeans among green. remember the frames near Cartier? This was right in front the Willis Tower.

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