Smart as Chicago: Beautiful world

DSC_0305I have never seen anything like this for scale.

The Cultural Center is a visual treat for sore eyes, in a city where anyone who has an interest in architecture is like a kid in a candy store! This is where I found Modernism’s Messengers: The Art of Alfonso and Margaret Iannelli. Looking here in the center window, you can see Alfonso’s Prudential Design.

room composite2

arch detail2This beautiful building was once the central library and it rivaled both New York and Boston for it’s beauty. Can you believe once upon a time, libraries were treasure chests, not the kind of pedestrian, well-lit buildings we have today.

DSC_0325Even a crappy shot like this looks good.


beautiful composite

DSC_0320I cannot believe the detail for ceilings, much like the opera houses.

DSC_0295This year I have seen a ton of buildings, I doubt I saw anything quite like this Healy-Millet dome, though.

In Vienna, last summer I was in a church dome, it was really something to be inside a dome in which the paintings were being cleaned and you got to see things up close. This dome was stained glass, quite beautiful from the floor.



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