Live from Santa Fe: MoCNA

DSC_0050Stands with a Fist is the current show at The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA). This unassuming and well-displayed museum has a show of native women, showing a real strong contemporary flare for incorporating traditional artforms and culture, while pushing the envelope into new forms and ideas.

DSC_0083Tanya Lukins-Linklater’s In Memorium is visible in this shot. It is contemporary choreofilm and poetry.

Gina Adams Honoring Modern Unidentified is an installations of sphere’s with traditional motifs and colors.

DSC_0104There are three interesting textile designs, based upon the eight-pointed star quilt design by Natalie Ball.

DSC_0091Natalie Ball’s Wailers is a mixed media piece of children’s forms.

DSC_0110Melanie Yazzie’s Pollen Keeper II steel construction is on loan from Glenn Green Galleries.

DSC_0116Merritt Johnson’s textile constructions, including She Drinks Mens Teeth, in the foreground

.DSC_0064There are a wonderful series of photos by Rosalie Favell called Facing the Camera

DSC_0066Lindsay Delaronde’s Iakon:kwe

DSC_0173It is rounded off with a film, Apache Chronicle by Nanna Delunde, which starts as a group of girls who are skateboarders who transcend into true native feminists.

Sorry, the images have not been photoshopped, but are raw. I will take care of them when I get home. It was an interesting day 20 hours later.


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