Afternoon Fairy Tale: Český Krumlov

DSC_0566xOnce upon a time in the 13th century, along a strange little crook in the Vltava River, a prince began a castle along an important trade route in Bohemia. The route was lost with the coming of the New World, and the town became obscured from the world. But in a strange fate in 1938, it was annexed to Nazi Germany as part of Sudetenland. The Czech speakers were expelled for other parts. Following liberation after WWII, the German speakers were expelled, and the lovely town was restored to Czechoslovakia.

2 sign ck


spiresDSC_0876x2 vert ck2 4 image ck 2During the Communist era of Czechoslovakia, Krumlov fell into disrepair. Overrun by gypsies, it is said, but not exactly a fate worse than death. Frozen in time until the Velvet Revolution of 1989, it was “rediscovered” and its splendor restored. Old Český Krumlov was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The rest, is tourist history. Each image a postcard.

DSC_0638On Good Friday, I stood inside St. Vitus church, watching and photographing as locals came in for an afternoon prayer on this holy day, as they set off to go home. The coldness of the church made me think of what it must be like to sit through a mass here, or worse, what was it like for the populace, several centuries earlier in the real cold of winter. Ah, faith.

church ck

stained glass ck2 statues ckDSC_0832x2 interiors 1 ck

2 detail 22 detail 3The statue of Mary is quite touching, lovely and pious. I never knew until I went to Turkey, that she is revered by Muslims.



2 4 doorways ck 2

2 scrafitto


DSC_0676xDSC_0658x2 windows ckPlaces like this make me feel how puny our existence is on this place. How many have gone before us, and will go after. We share this little patch of time, these buildings stand forever.

2 vert2 ckDSC_0596x schieleFor any of you art fags, who have the dire need to visit a museum, there is the Egon Schiele Gallery in this little town as you first arrive. I, myself, was a little too frozen that day, as I had been to the Leopold the day before. But it still looked neat, even if Frommer’s or someone did not give it a big thumbs up.



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  1. PragueByKaty Says:

    NIce post, great shots, thanks 🙂

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