¡Hola, El Perú!: Museo de la Electricidad

em 1Lima has a lot of top museums. Unfortunately my time there was only about 3 days or so. Museo de la Electricidad (The Electricity Museum) is a nice little place to go to as I really wanted to see another museum there. Across the way, Museo Galería Arte Popular De Ayacucho, which is noted for its housing and retablos, was unfortunately closed. Both are was in the seaside area of Barranco.

em electroIt is not splashy, but bread and butter. Kind of like a little science center, but still the idea is a decent one.

em centralem model

There are interesting things that would interest both kids and adults, especially within an historical context, most everything is in Spanish.

em pioneersem 2 lightsem vic and wurz

There were things to see in various rooms, it was small, but some of the things were well-cared for and novel, if you had never seen some for real. I wonder if young kids could make out what the radios were.

em sign for tramem history of tramem tramThe real star of the show is the historic electric train (parked directly above), come early and your admission gets you a free ride. It must seem kind of fun, since a large part of the population rides buses, which are private and compete again each other to get you to ride them.

DSC_0287DSC_0285Barranco is the southern neighbor of Miraflores where we stayed. It was an older well-to-do seaside town, we saw surfers going off toward the Pacific. It still looked like a nice neighborhood, more lived in. But it is not like the beach towns, so prevalent on the Atlantic. Walking into the center of the old town area, you could image a busy square where the electric trains were and how modern the world must have seemed.

em lightI wished this was on when we were there, it was kind of a nice light relief.

Visiting both these museum, and seeing Baranco is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. There were some good smelling little cafes along the walk. Check out this English site Museo de la Electricidad (The Electricity Museum) also their own site.


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