¡Hola, El Perú!: Streets in downtown Cusco

DSC_0075Early morning street in Cusco, note lack of adornment or advertising.



The lack of touristy made it ideal

buildings downtown

The beauty of Cusco is that it is so unaffected. The women come and knit and try to sell their caps, or scarves, but not pushy. And the wares have a difference in color, in texture, if not style. Some of the stuff is very nice, and it is a heartbreak to see them struggle. Cusco downtown is a place of streets which go off the plaza and go up and around things. A block can put you up a storey. It is perfect Spanish colonial architecture, not real fancy, but solid. 0 sun balconydoorway and window

0 zauganRemnants of the zaguán (two shots directly above) from Spanish architecture which is an entry with a large partitioned wooden gate wide enough to permit large wagons to enter the courtyards.
window detailAlways beautiful wood carving.
0 old and newOld and new.
0 archesBeautiful at night.
grad ceremony in the parkGraduation ceremony.
0 avenida el solWrought iron Girls along avenida El Sol.
0 cusco artisiansAn evening in the plaza, led us to a group of artisans who made beautiful craft, the kind you find in International Festival in Santa Fe.
performersAnother night these performers in the plaza, we were too late to see them, but walked back to the Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús followed by a herd of people.
0 empanadasWonderful over the counter empanadas along the avenida El Sol
DSC_0199A fountain, what a great way to bridge grade breaks.
DSC_0545xRemnants of their pre-Colombian past.
Their Colonial past.

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