ATL: Is the High world class?

I really like this piece of Aaron Curry sculpture, Boo, Thing and Deadhead. I hope I am not violating my photo permission form.

My standing joke about the High can be found in a thinkVisual blog.  You can shoot in the museum, but not post it. This upset me the first time I went. On the second visit, I am less apt to write about anything in particular, because I am a little surprised how thin the actual collection is.

I have a ticket for the OMA with a North American reciprocal membership. So I can go to other cities and get in for nothing. Certain museum like the High, charge for extra exhibitions. So when I was there last time, I was to pay 12 dollars. I don’t think so, we got tickets for the permanent collection, but really the galleries are open and no one really monitors.

Museums are not cheap, but a bargain compared to stuff like Disney. Still some are a little ridiculous. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts was going through a rebuild back in 2008, and much of the collection was not shown, yet they were nervy enough to charge FULL admission. That I was furious to see.


$25 Boston Museum of Fine Arts

$25 (recommended) Metropolitan Museum of Art NY (covers the Cloisters)

$19.50 High Museum of Art

$10 (Wednesday FREE) New Orleans Museum of Art

free—for everyone, every day! Baltimore Museum of Art

free—for everyone, every day! National Gallery, DC _____________________________________________________________

The New Orleans Museum has a wonderful collection which took me 3 blogs to explain. They charge $10, with free Wednesdays. The fabulous Cone collection is free at the Baltimore, and wow, all those Matisse’s. We won’t even mention how free the museums are along the National Mall.

At the High is a lovely Bellini Madonna and Child. There is a terrific Lucas Cranach the Elder portrait. There several bronzes by Rodin. There is a great Corot and several Impressionists including Monet and Pissarro. There is that rather famous Girodet, The Funeral of Atala. There is the Finster collection of folk/visionary art. There is the compulsory Rothko. There is a terrific Frank Lloyd Wright desk from Johnson and Johnson. There are some Katz and Richter’s. There is good post-Modern and I remember a terrific Chuck Close. There have been pieces from the Louvre, and presently, the Modern.

But wouldn’t I expect a little more from the 9th largest city in America with several fortune 500 companies in the top hundred?

Nineteen fifty, huh. Is that why they call it the High Museum?


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