Sta Fe ’12: Canyon Road

As Magenta might have said, “How senti-mental.”

“Canyon Road is a long, narrow road that leads to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.” Blue quotes here are directly from Wikipedia, “Canyon Road is an art district, in Santa Fe, New Mexico,” which is sort of an understatement, since it is the largest commercial arena of the sale of fine art I have ever seen in my life. Literally, residences are almost non-existent, and those around try to become invisible with fences. Though no one would blame them.

The photo (above) I was not around to shoot. This and the info is provided by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. Old Cañon Road which was what it was known a hundred or so years ago, was the road to the James L. Johnson House. This house, El Zaguán, still exits and the grounds are open to the public to visit. No, they did not turn it into a gallery! It is the subject of another blog.

Nope, not a residence, but a gallery!

“With over a hundred art galleries and studios exhibiting Native American art and antiquities, traditional and modern Hispanic art, regional contemporary art, international folk art and international contemporary art.” So if you are picking this up, this is not just art but ART. Even though in the description it has defined over 4/5 of all art of the 20th and 21st century. 

“Over time, as Santa Fe became more of a tourist destination, Canyon Road became known to the wider world” Well, I guess some would hint the analogy  Canyon Road to Santa Fe, as Rodeo Drive is to LA. For an art fag, how do I define this one without offending. . .well, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Art fags, are just people so spellbound by The Art, they are totally gaga over this stuff. Akin to some women looney for Looey Vuitton or Chanel bags, some guys to sneakers or basketball, and Donald Trump to himself. Personally, this art fag, is not gaga, but it makes good copy.

Frank Howell Galleries sits at the bottom of the hill, but is no less impressive.

GVC and Greenberg galleries

Reflection Gallery

The Marc Navarro Gallery is a for real structure!

“Canyon Road had its beginnings as a residential neighborhood. Houses but in accordance with the local Hispanic and Native American methods were constructed with adobe walls and courtyards, often as compounds for extended family. Artists were drawn to its beauty and began to create a subculture of artist-run studios and galleries.” Which means there is a ton of these kind of realistic bronzes that sit outside these pseudo pueblo kinds of structures. Some with bike chains wrapped around them. Quite a few are forgettable, or should be. Santa Fe has a lot of that kind of sculpture, in between some really good stuff. Like on Lincoln Avenue with Allan Houser‘s stuff, or even more up 285 to Roxanne Swentzell’s Tower.

I like the kids’ playground for a better use of bronze. . .

These seem to do the trick! Check out the Martha Pettigrew’s Watersong (right vertical, top here)

I liked the mask at Hahn Ross Gallery who also had the submerged woman above.

Nice doorway from Patricia Carlisle Fine Art (top left)

You can just trek around and see stuff for yourself. This Christmas shop, the first evening was kind of fun, with the phoney chile lights. There is also a serene Buddha, as the Tibetan temple is somewhere off the road, too. This is only a little bit of it. Happy Trails!

For more information please check Wikipedia.


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